Social Entrepreneurship for Youth

Serendip's Youth Ambassador, Anna He, coordinated an extraordinary Social Entrepreneurship 101 for high school peers in Ontario. Anna successfully on-boarded the support of McMaster University to host the 2 day workshop. Responding to the changing nature of doing business, McMaster is preparing to launch a new academic program called the Integrated Business and Humanities (IBH) program starting this coming autumn. In partnership with McMaster University, the first of the 2 day workshop took place in December, and the final day will be taking place on January 14, 2017.

As the first snow storm of the winter season descended upon Southern Ontario, a remarkable group of future 10 leaders and change-makers, from as far as Niagara Falls to Mississauga, showed up to learn how to build out solutions to challenges experienced by social enterprises. This hands-on, real-life workshop took the young leaders through a human-centred design approach to understanding how to build relevant, meaningful and profitable solutions for the two real-life social enterprises. 

The students have been evaluating bottlenecks in market -demand for two community organizations in the Greater Hamilton Area. 

Centre [3] is a arts based organization working across community arts, visual art and media arts. A one-of kind program they have been running has been re-engaging at-risk youth in the community into school to earn high school credits through creating silk screened products. The youth learn how to create products (design to development), market and sell them. The challenge  has been low levels of sales. 

Drummond House provides temporary housing, compassionate care and support services to women and children who have been experiencing and living in crisis situations. A key initiative for Drummond House is their social enterprise program, 3R Training program which is geared to helping the women achieve confidence, job skills and entrepreneurial opportunities. The organizers hope is that through the classes offered the women can feel empowered to change their environments by transforming old undesirable items into useful, practical things of beauty for their homes or resale. The challenge has been low levels of sales.